Courageously Soft by Charaia Rush

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Living in a broken world gives us plenty of reasons to armor up, shut down, and numb out. But God wants more for us than just getting by. When we harden ourselves to the world, we not only close ourselves off from the good things God intends for us but close off avenues God wants to work through in others' lives as well.
With deep empathy and encouragement, writer Charaia Rush invites us to experience the countercultural path of staying open and vulnerable to the goodness of God and the miracle of staying tender in a tough world that only God can bring about. In Courageously Soft she helps you to
· identify the root of a hardened heart
· move from fearful self-preservation to the hope of being held
· recognize God's presence in the midst of pain
· replace denial, shutting down, and closing off with abiding trust in God's love and care
If you have been feeling exhausted, bitter, or beaten down by disappointment, betrayal, or suffering, this grace-filled book will help you find your way back to a posture of love, trust, and hope.

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